Global Skills skills education program

Life skills education is a positive activity that helps children respond effectively to situations and challenges in daily life.

The orientation of educating life skills for children is to help them master themselves, behave appropriately with the community and society, adapt, study effectively, improve mental and physical health, respond to Extreme in situations of life.

Global Concept designed an educational program consisting of 18 learning and playing activities, divided into 3 main groups:

Group of key subjects: Helping students develop comprehensively THE PHYSICS – COSMETICS – INTELLIGENCE

  • Math
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Telling stories
  • art
  • Cultural
  • Music
  • Science

Global Skills skill training group:
              Help train and perfect the early skills for each student.

             Global Skills – Global Skills for short: forming and training life skills, self-help skills suitable for each age. The Global Skills Education program is organized as a mainstream subject for children from the first days of class.
Global Skills skill training group:
              Help train and perfect the early skills for each student.

Approaching Montessori Education Method
        The difference of children when approaching Montessori Education Method:

  •   Independent and autonomous
  • Thinking and Creativity
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Rich social skills

English program D.I.Y

The Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) Active English Program is taught by a team of native teachers with experience in educating preschool children. In addition to using the standard Hats on Top Curriculum (Oxford – USA), GLA students are constantly experiencing 100% integrated courses in English language such as Science, Technology, and Literature. Study and Arts in weekly extracurricular classes.

English D.I.Y brings children:

  • Standard pronunciation
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Flexible headset
  • Communication is bold