Dear Parents,

Education is a journey, and at Global Academy Preschool System (abbreviated as GLA), we look forward to providing the best education program for students at the first grade – preschool level. GLA prides itself on education and care services with a team of experienced, professional, and young teachers; GLA offers a variety of thinking, creative and artistic subjects; At the same time, focusing on training self-service skills, self-determination, sense of responsibility for individual students according to their ages. In addition, GLA effectively exploits the educational model to create early personality through encouraging children to express social emotional needs, special abilities with the expectation of equipping enough knowledge for children in these Next level.

If you have the opportunity to visit our school during the working hours of GLA Teachers and Students, you will see the determination and effort in the subjects with the spirit of self-awareness and sense of responsibility in each individual. We are proud to contribute and work in this international educational environment.

GLA cherishes the affection and love of parents for the school. We always strive and perfect every day to become a progressive Education Brand and continue to accompany the busy parents.




The Global Academy Preschool system was established in 2015, is a high-quality Preschool school using the active and active Education Method according to international standards in combination with the Vietnamese Culture program, which is a young place. be able to study, play and experience, is a prerequisite for the next development stages.

GLA aims to build a Preschool system that achieves the best requirements in Early Childhood Care and Education, helping children build the appropriate knowledge base, forming necessary life skills in the early life. Our goal is to help parents see their child’s maturity both intellectually and physically, “where children are accomplished with superior skills.


As long-term activists in the education industry, we understand that the ages from 1 to 6 years are the most important time for children, the time when intelligence, creativity and growth are The physicality of the child is most developed.

With the motto: “Children are the center in the process of raising and teaching”, GLA believes that nothing is more important than investing in building a modern education, connecting with the cultural quintessence of the nation, to train a generation of healthy physical children; interligent; Comprehensive personality formation.


Our GLA team strives to improve ourselves based on the values of honesty, respect, support and cooperation to provide a safe and friendly and effective environment for learning and distribution. personality development of children.